Commission a Painting


With more than 50 years experience in painting, let me capture the essence of a lifetime.

The magic of creating has been part of my life for as long as I remember. Creating art, as a lifetime practice, gradually reveals what is closest to one’s soul. This work,mostly inspired by pure awe and gratitude , deepens my understanding and appreciation for the incredible beauty, complexity and harmony of our universe and the miracle of life itself. It is my hope these expressions will awaken an awareness in others, for the miracles surrounding us within our daily lives.

I have been particularly drawn to explore the ongoing processes in creation; their resulting energetic structures, dynamic designs and underlying laws- are found consistently throughout nature. Line, light and color,form and rhythm, are tools—looking glasses to see more clearly. The paint brings these observations into being and makes it all visible.

More recently, I’ve returned to portrait and figure and a lifelong interest in the human condition… and the human spirit.

Portrait and Figure

I strive to capture an essence- of presence and energy, as well as the physical likeness, of each person. As an artist, I work to transmit what I see and feel about them and to create these intangibles within a beautiful and original work of art.

Landscape and Still Life

I am fascinated with light as a metaphor for our Source and energy -as well as its illusory creation of form. Backlighting in nature,provides a glimpse and a promise of a lighted energetic world that lies just beyond the material world…..and within it.

Many of my nature subjects reflect some type of creation process going on such as: the energy of fluid water interacting with rock, minerals crystallizing from molecules to matter within and on the earth and in space, trees/plants as beings that are rooted to one place,having survived years of the elements, and the interaction of light, air, water, earth and its creatures.

My Solar Light Sculptures use transmitted and reflected light to create a luminous image.They interact with the sun as it changes position in its trail across the sky. The subjects explore the creation of energy and matter -and when they began to contain ‘life.’

I created them as structures that physically interact with light and energy, a metaphor for the human spirit. Like our bodies, the vessel is made of material substance which holds something quite timeless and beyond form.